Magic Prefixes Available On
Blanched +5-8 Defense Jewels(1)
Eburin +9-20 Defense Jewels(16)
Bone +21-40 Defense Jewels(32)
Ivory +41-64 Defense Jewels(64)
Scarlet +1-4 To Minimum Damage Jewels(8)
Crimson +5-8 To Minimum Damage Jewels(38)
Carbuncle +1-5 To Maximum Damage Jewels(12)
Carmine +6-9 To Maximum Damage Jewels(35)
Vermillion +11-15 To Maximum Damage Jewels(58)
Cinnabar +5-10% Damage Jewels(1)
Rusty +11-20% Damage Jewels(13)
Realgar +21-30% Damage Jewels(45)
Ruby +31-40% Damage Jewels(66)
Dun +7-12% Damage Goes To Mana Damage Jewels(7)
Brown Heal Stamina Plus +10-15% Jewels(39)
Chestnut +10-15 Max Stamina Jewels(1)
Maroon +16-25 Max Stamina Jewels(17)
Nickel +10-20 To Attack Rating Jewels(1)
Tin +21-40 To Attack Rating Jewels(8)
Silver +41-60 To Attack Rating Jewels(25)
Argent +61-100 To Attack Rating Jewels(44)
Bright +1 To Light Radius Jewels(1)
Emerald +3-7% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items Jewels(25)
Zircon +5-10 Mana Jewels(3)
Jacinth +11-15 Mana Jewels(17)
Turquoise +16-20 Mana Jewels(29)
Shimmering All Resistances +5-10 Jewels(16)
Scintillating All Resistances +11-15 Jewels(34)
Lapis Lazuli Resist Cold +5-15% Jewels(2)
Sapphire Resist Cold +16-30% Jewels(19)
Garnet Resist Fire +5-15% Jewels(2)
Ruby Resist Fire +16-30% Jewels(18)
Camphor Resist Lightning +5-15% Jewels(2)
Ambergris Resist Lightning +16-30% Jewels(19)
Beryl Resist Poison +5-15% Jewels(2)
Jade Resist Poison +16-30% Jewels(19)
Aureolin +1-3 Mana Per Kill Jewels(22)
Diamond +25-50 To Attack Rating vs Demons, +25-40% Damage vs Demons Jewels(26)
Pearl +25-50 To Attack Rating vs Undead, +25-50% Damage vs Undead Jewels(2)
Magic Suffixes Available On
Malice Attacker Takes Damage of 1-5 Jewels(37)
Fervor 15% Increased Attack Speed Jewels(39)
Frigidity 1-5 Cold Damage Jewels(16)
Passion +1-3 Minimum Fire Damage And +6-10 Maximum Fire Damage Jewels(15)
Ennui +1 Minimum And +10-20 Maximum Lightning Damage Jewels(15)
Ire +2-5 To Maximum Damage Jewels(4)
Wrath +6-9 To Maximum Damage Jewels(11)
Carnage +11-15 Maximum Damage Jewels(25)
Joyfulness +1-4 To Minimum Damage Jewels(5)
Bliss +5-10 To Minimum Damage Jewels(43)
Envy +9 [48] Minimum Poison Damage and +26 [48-144] Maximum Poison Damage Jewels(1)
Truth 7% Faster Hit Recovery Jewels(44)
Honor Replenish Life +1-4 Jewels(47)
Avarice +10-30% More Gold Jewels(1)
Prosperity +5-10% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items Jewels(26)
Spirit +3-8 To Life Jewels(1)
Hope +9-20 To Life Jewels(45)
Freedom Requirements -15% Jewels(1)
Icicle +2-3 Minimum and +6-10 Maximum Cold Damage Jewels(37)
Glacier +4-5 Minimum and +11-15 Maximum Cold Damage Jewels(58)
Fire +4-10 Minimum and +11-30 Maximum Fire Damage Jewels(36)
Burning +11-25 Minimum and +35-50 Maximum Fire Damage Jewels(57)
Lightning +1 Minimum and +21-60 Maximum Lightning Damage Jewels(36)
Thunder +1 Minimum and +61-100 Maximum Lightning Damage Jewels(57)
Daring +4-9 Dexterity Jewels(19)[4-6](36)[7-9]
Knowledge +4-9 To Energy Jewels(24)[4-6](41)[7-9]
Virility +5-9 Strength Jewels(33)[5-6](50)[7-9]